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Sweet, tangy, and potent, don’t underestimate the power of these Dino Sours. The Caviar Collection Dino Sours may be cute on the outside but will surprise you with a lip-puckering burst of sour flavour on the inside. Infused with pure extract, these are a brilliant adult-only take on a childhood favourite.

Every package contains 10 individual infused treats, with 15 mg of THC each. Premium low dose full spectrum edibles made in a medical grade lab.
These sweet treats are bright bursts of fruit-forward flavour, with a perfect dose of our potent THC extract. Whether you nibble on one, two, or three, the Caviar Collection Dino Sours deliver happiness in every bite.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose (corn syrup), modified corn starch, modified potato starch, malic acid, potassium citrate, mineral oil and carnauba wax (glazing agent), natural and artificial flavours, artificial colour including tartrazine, cannabis Full Spectrum THC extract.