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Buy THCA Diamond Terpene Infused Preroll

Buy THCA Diamond Terpene Infused Preroll,How do you improve upon a diamond? Add big, bold, natural flavors into the equation. The Caviar Collection now offers it’s world-famous THCA Diamond Pre Roll with an extra flavorful punch thanks to a terpene infusion. It’s a memorable juicy flavour, combined with intense potency.

A Diamond Terpene Infused Pre Roll starts with a carefully selected grade AAA flower from an ever-changing line up of craft strains. Layered on top of a top-shelf flower is a THCA Diamond infusion, then expertly rolled into our very own tasty terpene infused paper. This delivers potency with a mouthwatering terpene profile. Finally, each Diamond Pre Roll is topped-off with a drizzle of golden cannabis oil.

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